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Alcoholism Issues


The following represents various issues, problems, and short stories about people who have faced drinking problems.

A Drinker Gets Rushed to the Hospital for an Alcohol Overdose

Sean stumbled into the bar and ordered a drink. Since he was a "regular" his drinking habits were well known.

Megan knew Sean because he had been drinking at the bar the whole time Megan had her job.

Megan saw that Sean looked pale and so she asked him if he was all right. Sean mumbled something and then asked again for a drink.

Megan excused herself for a minute and went in the kitchen to talk to the owner. She said that she didn't think she should serve him and that if might be best if she called Sean a cab.

The owner agreed. By the time Megan returned to the bar, she saw that Sean had vomited and was lying on the floor.

Megan now knew from Sean's actions that he was probably exhibiting symptoms of an alcohol overdose. Without hesitation she called 911 and requested immediate medical assistance.


When her boss heard about what had happened he complimented Megan saying that she was right on target with her responses and quite possibly saved Sean's life.

A Ninth Grade Student Asks Some Insightful Questions About Alcohol Poisoning

"Why do people exhibit the symptoms of alcohol poisoning?" asked the ninth grade student. "What does alcohol do to the body that such painful and deadly symptoms take place when a person drinks too much?"

Nancy was an exceptionally bright ninth grade student at a Jesuit high school. When she asked these questions, her teacher, Mr. Barker, immediately knew that Nancy had done some serious thinking about alcohol abuse and alcohol poisoning.

As stated by Mr. Barker, "A person experiences alcohol poisoning when he or she drinks substantially more than his or liver can metabolize."

"When this happens, some of the organs and systems of the body start to break down and flu-like symptoms are often the result. I know it sounds easy, but do you realize that all of this pain and potential loss of life can be prevented if a person never drinks in an abusive manner?" Mr. Barker asked.

The more Nancy thought about this the more alcohol poisoning just didn't make any sense. Hopefully, Nancy will remember this when she becomes an adult who is legally allowed to drink.

A DUIs Serves as a Wake-up Call

Lonnie's life hit a major speed bump when he received two DUIs within a one-month time period. Actually, nothing had changed much in Lonnie's drinking behavior with one exception: he finally got caught for driving while drinking.

Stated differently, Lonnie had avoided any major effects of alcohol abuse for years until his DUI arrests.

Since Lonnie was the kind of person who looked for the silver lining in problems and difficulties, he viewed the two DUIs as a wake-up call. He now realized that he had been walking a tight rope because of his drinking and now would have to do something positive to alter his present situation.

So he went to the local drug and alcohol rehab center and got admitted in the out-patient alcohol treatment program.

Lonnie was fortunate to be a person who uses common sense to solve his problems because this decision lead to some new and intriguing insights about his life and where he was headed.

A Friend Looks Old Due to Excessive Drinking

Riz had been a heavy drinker for at least fifteen years. In fact, he was such a "regular" at the local bar that he had his own seat. He had always been a person who looked physically fit. When I saw Riz the other day, however, it was apparent that the negative effects of alcohol abuse were starting to take their toll.

For instance, Riz had lost at least twenty pounds and he looked very old for a thirty-seven year old man.

When I talked to him, he mentioned that he felt burned out and was tired of the hectic rat race of life. I found this interesting because Riz used to have a zest for life and was known as a person who attacked problems rather than letting them sit unresolved.

After leaving the bar I remember thinking to myself that Riz is a perfect example of what excessive drinking can do to a person's health.

Alcohol Abuse Can Turn Into Alcohol Addiction

One of the key alcohol abuse facts is that excessive drinking leads to a great number of problems in a person's life. One of the most serious problems that alcohol abuse can lead to, however, is alcohol dependency.


In other words, at some point, repetitive and abusive drinking can and does eventually become alcohol addiction. And when this happens, the individual will experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms if he or she decides to quit drinking.

In fact, it is these alcohol withdrawal symptoms that force the alcoholic to lose control over his or her drinking and continue drinking on a daily basis in order to function.