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Christian Drug Rehab


Christian drug rehab is different from most traditional drug abuse rehabilitation approaches because it states that Jesus Christ is the "Higher Power" referred to by the other 12-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Not only this, but in accordance with the Christian drug rehab perspective, other drug rehab methodologies that try to placate their client base who are "non-believers" are actually disrespecting these clients because they are not taught that it is God alone who has the power to rid them from their addiction.

Drug Addiction is Perceived as a Physical and Spiritual Disease

Many, if not most Christian drug rehab therapists view drug addiction as both a physical as well as a spiritual disease.

Due to the fact that Christian drug rehab methods stress the centrality of God in the recovery process, however, does not mean that they ignore other significant treatment issues.

Indeed, Christian drug rehab programs typically employ top-rate counseling therapies, medical practices, and behavioral therapies in combination with Biblical scripture in the overall drug rehabilitation process.

Most Christians realize that "belief" alone is not usually enough to help an individual abstain from abusing drugs.


In fact, a number of Christian drug abusers experience difficulty refraining from substance abuse because they are suffering from the effects of unemployment, legal difficulties, divorce, poor health, separation from children, and/or financial problems such as bankruptcy.

Regrettably, these circumstances usually get progressively worse the more the individual continues to abuse drugs.

Many Christian therapists and rehab practitioners encourage Christian drug abusers to look to the Bible and examine how Job transcended his pain and suffering so that he could develop a deeper relationship with God.

It almost goes without saying that the drug addict may not feel blameless and may have deep feelings of shame and guilt. It is also important for Christian addicts to realize that God is always ready to forgive an individual so that he or she can overcome addiction and start the road to recovery.

Christian Drug Detox

Christian detox is the first step in the drug abuse rehab process. Seen as a mixture of spiritual and physical factors, Christian detox aims to rid the drug addict's body of the physical chemicals and his soul of the harmful and destructive activities that he or she has been exhibiting.

For example, drug addicts who experience excessive withdrawal symptoms can receive great relief through the use of doctor-prescribed medications in the Christian detox process.

Although the drug abuse rehab process is not easy, Christian therapists believe that overcoming one's addiction is possible because God does not give an individual more that he or she can handle.

Christian Drug Recovery

One of the key factors inherent in addiction is that a drug addict cannot see through the denial and dependency that continue the cycle of abuse. Christian rehab and recovery helps the addict see through his blinders and admit his helplessness over the addictive power of abusing drugs.

Once this is accomplished, the addict can regain her "true nature" and surrender her pain, frustration, and suffering to God who can heal her and give her hope for an addiction-free life in the not too distant future.

In order for the drug rehab process to be successful, Christian therapists emphasize the need for drug addicts to swallow their pride, exhibit humility, and start to take "proper action" so that God can meet the addict half way and take him back into His house and re-establish his life.

The Christian 12-Step Rehab Process

The Christian drug rehab process employs the "Christian" 12-step approach in individual and group counseling sessions. This treatment approach, it must be emphasized, is always in concert with the fact that it is Jesus Christ who is the "higher power."

Stated more precisely, Christian drug rehab programs are based on Scripture while adhering to the 12 Step format of Alcoholics Anonymous.

While the counselors who are members of Christian drug rehab facilities are Christian, it is worth noting that some Christian drug rehab programs employ Christians who are themselves in recovery.

Christian Drug Rehab Types

There are basically three different kinds of Christian drug rehab: inpatient, residential drug rehab, outpatient drug rehab, and day treatment drug rehab.

Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab

When an individual gets admitted to residential inpatient rehab, he or she gets educated about the spiritual, physical, and psychological consequences of long-term drug abuse. This educational process is implemented essentially through individual counseling, lectures, group therapy, and workshops.

In fact, it is because of this educational approach that each individual is taught how to effectively identify and work through the psychological and/or the physical triggers that typically lead to abusing drugs.

Due to the effectiveness of this extensive educational format, each individual is helped to determine and address his or her own unique relapse warning signs.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Although not quite as comprehensive or structured as residential programs, Christian outpatient drug rehab typically consists of many of the same educational principals and teachings that are accentuated in the residential treatment program.

In fact, through individual therapy and group counseling, an individual gains insights into the particular high-risk situations that challenge their abstinence. In short, through outpatient drug rehab, each person learns how to more effectively cope with and manage circumstances that would usually lead to relapse.

Day Treatment Drug Rehab

Some Christian drug rehab programs provide a kind of treatment that is to some extent in between the outpatient and the residential treatment alternatives. Labeled as "day treatment programs," this rehab option is commonly geared for local individuals who need less structure than the inpatient program provides.

Individuals enroll in this type of treatment approach for a number of weeks (typically for a four to six week time frame) and commonly attend drug rehab treatment from 9am until 5pm.

It must be emphasized, however, that individuals who are enrolled in day treatment programs receive almost the identical educational counseling and training that the inpatient clients receive.

Since follow-up counseling, spiritual guidance, treatment, and education are so central to the Christian drug rehab process, individuals who have completed Christian drug rehab treatment are encouraged to go to local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings when they return home.

Conclusion: Christian Drug Rehab

The overall philosophy of Christian drug rehab can be summarized with this statement: through a combination of counseling, the latest medical treatment, doctor-prescribed medications, and long standing solid Christian principles, a drug addict, along with God, can overcome his or her addictive and destructive behavior and re-establish his or her life.


Through Christian drug rehab, drug dependent individuals become free of the cravings and the debilitating thoughts and behaviors that contradict their beliefs.

As far as the "Christian 12-steps" are concerned, for many Christian addicts, replacing "the higher power" with "Jesus Christ" makes recovery more meaningful and more in concert with their faith.

Simply put, for many Christians, joining a Christian 12-step group or a Christian drug rehab make more sense than any other treatment approach.