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What is DUI?

In every state, a person can be charged with DUI if he or she operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the statutory limit, which in all 50 states is .08%. Your blood alcohol concentration can be determined through chemical testing from your blood, hair, saliva, urine, of from your breath.

An individual can also be charged with DUI if he or she operates a motor vehicle while under the influence of any amount of drugs or alcohol, or a combination of the two, which makes the person unable to safely operate the vehicle that he or she is driving.

The bottom line is that an adult can receive a DUI with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is less than .08%.

Why Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Even if you did in fact drink and drive in an unsafe manner, a DUI attorney may be able to help minimize your legal problems and maximize your opportunities to move ahead toward a more positive future after your DUI case. A DUI criminal defense attorney not only helps to equalize the balance of power between the defendant and the prosecution but also works to maintain and uphold the constitutional rights that are guaranteed to all DUI criminal defendants.

A DUI attorney will see if there's a way to get your case dismissed, and if this is not possible, your DUI lawyer will be focusing on what viable defenses there are to winning your case.


DUI charges usually require the employment of a specialized DUI criminal defense lawyer. Don't let the State convict you of a DUI when you may in fact have a viable defense. If you have been arrested for drunk driving and have a DUI charge filed against you, please consider hiring a DUI criminal defense attorney who will do whatever it takes to get a favorable outcome for you.

DUI has become a very complicated area of the law. In fact, more than a few criminal defense attorneys will admit that given the many talents that need to be mastered by a DUI defense attorney, this area of specialization can be one of the most difficult areas of criminal law in which the lawyer can engage.

Every state now has severe DUI penalties in place to prevent individuals from drinking and driving. Examples of such penalties include the following:

  • Community service.

  • Mandatory alcohol education classes (at your expense).

  • The installation of an ignition interlock device.

  • Probation.

  • A suspended driver's license.

  • Substantial fines and court fees (sometimes in excess of $5,000).

  • Vehicle impoundment.

  • Jail time.

Even for a first DUI conviction, you could experience possible restrictions on your interstate and international travel, face the loss of your job, experience insurance coverage problems, and lose your driver's license. The good news, however, is that you can quite possibly avoid most or perhaps all of these penalties by hiring a DUI lawyer.

Have you been charged with DUI? A local DUI lawyer may be able to help you fight the charges against you and save your driver's license.


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